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I am new to the Catholic faith, and joyfully learning every day. I unexpectedly lost my job in November, 4 weeks after my husband and I adopted a foster child. I’ve been feeling more and more desperate to find work, and decided to pray the Novena to the Lady of Guadalupe, which I had casually picked up in a Catholic book store.

The Novena worked by day 2! I found 3 potential jobs, and accepted one. I go back to work in 10 days as a bilingual social worker.

Also, I was sad about having to miss daily 9am mass, and wanted a job near a Catholic church so that I could pray at lunchtime. Lo and behold, there is a church 3 blocks away with a 12:10pm daily Mass - hooray!!!

Blessed Lady of Guadelupe, thank you for approaching your Son with my need for help. All honor and praise to you and our Blessed Saviour always. Cheers, Pamela


Pamela I’m delighted for you that the Lord has been so supportive of your needs and wishes!
I join you in thanking our Mother for her prayers, and the Lord for granting them!


Thanks for not giving me a friend even when I’d prayed for one. That was very kind of you knowing as you do that I am alone virtually all of the time andthat I have one decent conversation with another human being at a rate of once a month.
It’s so kind of of you to give me all this loneliness and depression, especially as I’m long term unemployed with no car, flat or future. You make the choice to do nothing so much more attractive than it otherwise would be. Thanks a lot for not answering my prayers.


Praise God for you getting that job and a church nearby!


Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Congratulations on the new job and a church nearby.
The Lord is awesome!

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