Prayers as I learn fertility awareness


**I could use some prayers, please, as I begin learning fertility awareness. I have many health problems already so it may be extra difficult to figure things out, as well as might lead to the discovery of further health problems. :frowning: **

**Prayers that I can learn my signs and cycles accurately, as well as that everything is found to be healthy, and that it may even help us achieve pregnancy as we are TTC. :slight_smile: **

**Thanks! God bless you and yours! **


Will pray for you


You have my prayers…


Will pray for your intentions…
Our Lady of Victories, pray for her


I will pray for you. Hope that someday soon you get to hold a little one in your arms!


Praying for your intentions

Through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary



Praying for you.


May the Lord enlighten you and bless you during these trials.


Prayers for you!




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