Prayers before Mass (and during)


What prayers (private or public ones) do you pray before Mass? What do you pray about?

I will of course, ask for forgiveness for my sins; I will offer any received Graces from Mass for our sons who do not attend Church. I may pray a Hail Mary. Depending on how much time there is before Mass, I might pray a Divine Mercy or Rosary.

During Mass, when the gifts are being brought up and blessed, I offer to the Lord my gifts and talents for His Goodness; my strengths and weaknesses that they may be blessed by the Lord, and again, prayers for our sons.

Before Communion, I pray to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the holiest manner possible, that He may make me holy. After, similar.

I also have the St. Joseph <?> prayer book, which is a wonderful source of beautiful prayers.

What do you pray?


At the consecration of the Body I pray “Lord Jesus You sacrificed Your Body on Calvary to save us from our sins that we may enter through the Gates of Heaven, I thank You and I praise You because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world. May all I do and say glorify Your name forever and ever. Amen”

At the consecration of the Blood I pray “Lord Jesus You sacrificed Your Most Holy and Previous Blood on the wood of The Cross for saints and sinners alike. May it cleanse me of all sin and wash me clean of all inequity that I may be presented Holy and blameless to You on the day You call me from this life. Amen.”

God bless,


Before Mass I thank the Lord for the day and all the blessings he has given me. I also offer Mass up for someone, usually unconverted family members. If I have time (I usually am early,) I will do Morning Prayer from the Magnificat.

If there is a Confiteor, right at the end I add a prayer for everyone at Mass.

At the appropriate time for private intentions, I will mention them.

At the Consecration I will say “My Lord and my God”.

After Communion I just thank the Lord and try to be quiet.

My prayers, unless they are from the LOTH, are usually rather short and informal. I am not a good prayer-maker-uppper. But that does not matter one single bit.

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