Prayers/Devotions for Non-married Couples


My girlfriend and I are looking for ways to deepen our relationship with God together. We have been looking for different prayers, devotions, and books to help guide us, but it seems like most of the material available is focused on married couples or only relates to chastity. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.


(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, its tough to find topics related to non-married couples)


my boyfriend and i have been looking for the same thing and ran into similar problems. mostly we read the mass readings for the day together or the homily we heard that week. i can’t wait to hear other peoples’ responses!


You might find this post helpful - though it is not a direct hit on your question


Go to Adoration together. Spend an hour weekly (or more often) praying in front of Our Lord, and then go get dinner (Friday fish fry?..)

If I had more ideas, I’d let you know.

Maybe do service together?

Or do a book study/read?


My boyfriend and I keep a God journal and we write back and forth our prayers, thoughts, questions, experiences. It is awesome to read what the other has written, and allows us the space to talk about things in a new forum.

Also, an awesome thing that my boyfriend and I do together is service projects. We recently worked on a Habitat for Humanity project together, and it was really rewarding and definitely brought us closer to God and to each other. We rotate who picks the project so we get to try many things and serve all kinds of different people. Service is totally a form of prayer!

I would love it if this site had a forum for non-married couples, and how to develop a deeper, Christ-focused relationship with someone you are dating. Maybe we can start our own forum, there are probably lots of young adults on this site that could benefit from it. I know I would!

Blessings of His Love!


Thanks for all of the great replies. I will definitely look into those suggestions.


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