Prayers during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Why is my pastor praying the rosary during Adoration?

because that prayerful meditation on the events of Christ’s life and saving mission is very appropriate at this time?

As well, the power and depth of the Rosary (as with all prayer) is increased before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Do you mean an audible Rosary, or simply silent? Both are completely fine, but I keep mine silent while others are present.

Why wouldn’t you want to pray the rosary during adoration? It is a meditation on the life of Christ, after all, and you are kneeling before that very life in the tabernacle. What could be more fitting, save for a profound prostration of adoration in the soul?

I usually say all three Mysteries of the Rosary while at Adoration and then read a little scripture. I usually leave at least 15 minutes of very quiet time for letting God work on me as He sees fit.

I’m impressed that your pastor (a) spends time at adoration and (b) prays the rosary.

Good Day to Everyone

Our parish prays a rosary about 1/2 hour before Benediction.
Our Sunday Visitor* has a pdf format of a pamphlet entitled:
“Eucharistic Adoration.” And there’s another (which was handed out in our parish) called “Making a Holy Hour” or something (cannot recall the exact title of that one). The first quotes Pope Benedict XVI saying,

“Adoration is essentially an embrace with Jesus in which I say to him: 'I am yours, and I ask you, please stay with me always.”

It’s wonderful to have this at your parish. We are truly blessed in this way.

Peace and all good.*

The Rosary has always been a Marian prayer for me. I would prefer silent adoration because I want to consentrate on Christ’s presence to me. The oral prayers of others distract me. Thank you for your input.

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