Prayers for a family in trouble


Please pray for my friend Stephanie and her family. They have been having a rough time since sometime this summer when her father left the house after an argument with her mother. I’m not sure how long he was gone for but when he came back none of the other three children were willing to accept him and forgive him. Stephanie tells me that despite her and her mother’s attempts to include him and repair the family there are still many hurt feelings and not much improvement.

Stephanie is one of my best friends and I am asking everyone to pray for her and her family in this time of need.

Thank you.


God bless you Fiyero, for your prayers for your friend and her family

Father in Jesus’ name please open a;ll the members of this family to love and forgiveness.

Our Father Who art in heaven; hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen


I pray this prayer on behalf of those who have been unwilling to forgive in this family…and any of us who are members or visit this CAF but don’t have forgiveness in their hearts.


Dear God, You do not merely suggest that we love and forgive each other. You command it. Yet sometimes it is difficult to love and forgive. Nevertheless I ask grace to pray for anyone who hurts loved ones or me through misunderstanding, frailty, or malice.

You know all judgments that I have made in my life since infancy, even those so habitual that I hardly notice. They may contribute to unloving or mistrustful attitude, and thus prevent me from living a life of love, grace and joy.

Every time anyone hurts or angers me, let Your grace remind me to acknowledge my real feelings. The matter may be trivial, but if ignored, my feelings may fester into resentment. Grant me forgiveness that rejects negative feelings and leads to compassion and reconciliation. Heal my lack of love for myself, for any other, and for You. Let me view my flaws and others’ with humility and patience.

I ask grace not to judge anyone for real or imagined injustice or injury.

God, I forgive and bless anyone who hurts or neglects my loved ones or me. Restore and bless anyone I have offended or neglected. Give them grace to accept my repentance. Procure reconciliation where I am afraid to risk the other’s bitterness or rejection.

Holy Spirit please go to each person I have ever hurt, flooding him or her with God’s abundant gifts of love and healing. Allow us to experience Your love, and help us to accept Your will, Your timing and Your ways. I trust all relationships and situations into Your love. 2001


I pray this prayer on behalf of those who visit CAF or and members, those who need the forgiveness of others, and on behalf of Stephanie’s father

Blessing and forgiveness
I forgive you, anyone who ever hurts or judges me. Will you forgive me? Will you forgive my faults that annoy you? Will you forgive what I am or what you judge me to be? Will you forgive my kindly meant mistakes?

In spirit, I kneel to ask forgiveness for good intentions gone awry. Perhaps you will not forgive or perhaps you will never inform me if you do forgive, yet I mean only kindness to others and to you. If I lose your friendship, I still love and pray for you and those with you.

I rejoice that some day I will die and never again make mistakes that cause others hurt. I take comfort that those who cannot forgive or understand my motives must do so then. Until then your judgements of me — as the person, you deem me or the wrong you believe of me—remain until God who loves us can speak some kindness and perhaps even some truth in your heart for me.

“I bless you. I bless your thoughts and feelings. I bless your family, I bless your ventures, and I bless your life.” The power of those words is God’s not mine. I only bless you in God’s name, for He loves you profoundly. I forgive you, where there are things to forgive even if you never acknowledge them and or do not value me even enough to see them. How can I blame you? I place you in God’s care and ask His threefold blessing for you. 1999-05


Praying very hard for them!




Praying for your friend’s family…


I am praying for this family.


Prating for your friends family…


Praying sincerely for this family.

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