Prayers for a father and his kids: grief, bitterness, and big life changes

Please pray for my friend Mr. F and his kids who are dealing with grief, bitterness, and big life changes due to a family situation. They need healing and to be able to recognize God’s love.

I will add them to my prayer list.

Prayers for cecilia’s friend Mr. F and his family as they struggle with life issues. May fears and anxieties be comforted by grace and mercy through God’s love. Amen.

May Mr. F and his family find peace, healing, and growth in love. May John Paul II intercede for them.

In prayer,

~~ the phoenix

May God in His mercy look lovingly on Mr. F. and his family. My prayers are with you.


:byzsoc: :crossrc:

I’ll be praying for Mr F and his family. I hope his circumstances change.

God send His blessing, His healing, and over all His love for this family. May they find His peace.

Mr F. and his children will be in my prayers also! God bless them!

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