Prayers For A Forum Member, LRThunder


Please pray for LRThunder for a good and healthy outcome to his tests…:gopray2:


I’ll be sure to pray for him. I’ve enjoyed playing forum games with him! I am praying for a negative result.


I’ll be praying for him.


Thank you for letting us know…

Consider it done!!






:signofcross: the rosary today :gopray:


Randon Question Game:
Who are you going to be praying for today?


This or That Game:
Pray for LRThunder OR Go shopping?

Pray for LRThunder!

Good News / Bad News Game:

The Good news: LRThunder is just fine - no cancer (whoo-hoo!)
The BAd News: We worried for nothing! (also actually good news!)

:gopray: praying for you.


I have enjoyed playing the games with him too. :slight_smile: I will keep him in my prayers. I will also pray to St. Peregrine for him. :gopray2:


:byzsoc: :byzsoc: :byzsoc:


Still praying for you, Thunder…:gopray2:


We’re praying hard!


Very hard. :gopray2:


Thank you, everybody. Thursday, the doctor removed the two moles he was suspicious of. I have to have stitches and they’ll be removed a week from tomorrow, but compared to past surgeries I have had, their minor inconveniences.


Good news. While one of the moles was precancerous, since it was excised, it’s no longer a problem. :thumbsup:


Praise be to God! :extrahappy:

You stay out of the sun now, though!


You still get my prayers young man!!



:extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:


Excellent news.
:extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:


Praise the LORD!!! I’m so happy for you!


:thumbsup: :extrahappy:

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