Prayers for a forum MEMBER!


We all know our dear Church Millitant:) Well hurricane Dennis is headed right for him:eek: Let’s pray the hurricane goes somewhere else:eek: Are you guys with me?And if the Lord 's will is for the hurricane to hit lets ask for angels to protect him and his family.God Bless,Lisa


we’re praying for all those who may be/have been hit by storms–got cloudy skies over here too!


I pray that you all do not get hit by the storms. That would suck (or blow, as it were). Hope you all survive.



Sure I’ll pray for Michael and all those involved.

I am sure the angels will tell him to go inland for safety.


That is what I think we should do is pray for it to go away and never make it to land:nope:


Jesus send legions of angels to guide the hurricane in a safe direction.


My prayers go out to CM and those in the path of the storm.:gopray:


Praying for all!!


I pray that we all have the fortitude to not stay on the forums 24/7


Praying for all in the path of Dennis, and especially our pal Church Militant!


Lord,pray for church milliant and keep him safe and well,pray for his family,and make sure no harm comes to him or his family,thank you lord!


count my family in


Yes…I pray for CM and others…including my FL family that they and others are safe.

Also, with the terrorist attack in London, let us remember our British posters…like Fighting Fat…and others…


[quote=Fashina86]I pray that we all have the fortitude to not stay on the forums 24/7

:eek: :eek: :eek:


Though I LOVE****hurricane season, my prayer is always that the hurricane never hits land. I have family members in Florida, and all of them had to deal with at least one of the hurricanes last year.

Prayers for CM are offered up.


This is a nasty hurricane everybody—145 mph winds and apparently bigger than Ivan! It is forcast to gain strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether that means regain the strength it lost when hitting Cuba, or get stronger than 145mph winds, I don’t know. But either way, it will be BAD!!! And, if it hits New Orleans, that city will be devastated/demolished!!!

Prayers are urgently needed!


Four Atlantic weather systems – Arlene, Bret, Cindy and Dennis – reached Tropical Storm status by July 5, the earliest for so many named storms in recorded history. Only three major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher) have hit the U.S. coast in July in the past 100 years. When the maximum sustained winds in Hurricane Dennis peaked at 150 mph this past morning, Dennis officially became the strongest July Atlantic Basin hurricane on record and the strongest Atlantic hurricane this early in hurricane season.

This info is from The Weather Channel


We will offer up our evening prayers for CM and all who are in the path of Dennis.


Prayers for ALL forum members and their families and friends who may be in the path of this terrible hurricane Dennis…I guess it’s considered to be a category 4…:eek:


:gopray: done

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