Prayer's for a friend with lung cancer

A few months ago, a friend of mine was diagnosed with lung cancer (he was not a smoker). Here is the most recent update:


Cole has taken a turn for the worse. His lungs are not doing well. Your
prayers are needed RIGHT NOW!


Cole is in my prayers. I lost a friend a year ago to lung cancer.

Praying for him.


Praying for Cole. :byzsoc:

I’ll pray for Cole. :signofcross:

Oh dear! :frowning:

I am praying for your friend right now.:gopray2:

Is Cole outpatient. If he is , Have him ask his Dr. about keeping Benadryl on hand. Tim

Prayers for your friend :gopray:

Kept in prayer…Blessings with Peace…Barb

We pray for healing of Cole’s lungs, that this miracle will glorify God.

I will pray for Cole.

Prayers to St Peregrine for your friend :signofcross:

Prayers for you friend and their family going though this cancer journey. I too have a friend recently diagnosed with lung cancer and my son is a brain cancer survivor (1 year).

It is a very difficult journey and we pray God gives them the strength to take each step as it comes with grace and confidence.

Dear Heavenly Father, please bring comfort and healing to friend with lung cancer. Amen.

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