Prayers for a hamster


Personally I’m not too worried but my sister’s hamster jumped off of her back - and hit the ground. It seems alright, but just in case can you people maybe say a prayer through the intercession of saint Francis for it.

Thank you all,



Praying…from one hamster owner to another! (We lost ours today in the house, but we found him just a couple of minutes ago…he’s safe back in his cage.)


Good that you found him :thumbsup:
I’ll say a short prayer in thanksgiving for your hamster being found :wink:



I’ll pray for the hamster…and your sister.

God bless,

Aaron Magnan


While you’re all praying for hamsters, I’d like to ask you fellow hamster owners to say a prayer for my girlfriend, and her hamster. The girlfriend is at work for another half hour, and about 15 minutes ago her hamster died in my hands from a sudden bout of respiratory difficulties.

Please, pray to ease her sorrow at the loss of her pet, she was very attached to her hamster.



Well my goodness, Catholig!

The Lord brought you to mind while I was praying my Rosary today, so I included you in my intentions. Had no idea I’d be praying for your sister’s hamster … and now a whole army of rodents likewise in this thread!

~~ the phoenix


My prayers for the little hamster who has passed on and prayers to ease the sorrow for your girlfriend. I know how hard it is to lose a pet…

God Bless



Well thanks for the prayers :slight_smile:




I don’t know what to say, but I’ll pray for your Girl Friend (if I remember…I forgot to pray those prayers for Tonks40 until Mass today!). I don’t know what to say - but the same thing happened with a former hamster of my sister - she died in my moms hands.



OP, I will pray. I hope your sister’s hamster is okay.

Also, I am Ignatius’s girlfriend and I appreciate the prayers. I’m so glad my hamster is no longer suffering, but its still so quiet in my place now. God will get me through this hard time.


Well - you might want to consider getting another one. When my sister’s older hamster died, she got another one just a week or two later I believe. Just a suggestion - but then again, I’m not you, and don’t know your needs in detail.





Praying to St. Francis.


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