Prayers for a (Hopeful) Doctor

Hello fellow CAFers :slight_smile:

Tomorrow at 1:30pm I’ll be taking the MCAT in hopes of attending medical school next year! This has to be one of the biggest tests of my life, and I would really appreciate your prayers. I’ve asked St. Joseph of Cupertino for his intercession, but the more the better! And while I know that we must always ask that God’s Will be done, I don’t think another pro-life doctor would hurt Canada’s medical community :thumbsup:

Thank you all for your prayers

you have my prayers!

Praying for you!

Aw, I will defiinitely say a prayer for you. :slight_smile:
My oldest son is a pre-med student. He will be taking the MCAT in the summer.

God, if it is your will then we will have this Pro Life Doctor among us. Please give them strength and aid their test taking. In Jesus Name…Amen

Praying for you…

Thank you all very much! I’m about to head out to go write now - your prayers really do mean a lot to me :slight_smile:

Oh, we need pro-life docs in USA!!!

I will pray for you…God bless Matt as he prepares for his life in the healing arts and his calling to defend life.

Praying for you. :gopray:

Praying for you. :gopray:

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