Prayers for a Job


I just graduated college and I am now looking for work. Obviously, this is the worst economy to be looking for jobs in, but I still need one. Please pray for me.


Heavenly Father
You know our needs before we even ask. Please bless nsper7, grant opportunities to find work, may nsper7 find work in a place with good ethics and where nsper7 will be of greatest service to you. Fill him/ her with your grace and peace, secure in the knowledge that you desire only that which is good for us. Increase his/ her faith, hope and love. Surround nsper7 with your love as he/she journeys ever closer to you



I ask God to help you find work even though as you say it is a difficult time to find work. I’ll keep you in my prayers and Masses


praying for you and all those who need a job as well


LORD Jesus
Guide Ur Son


I offer my prayers through the intercession of St. Joseph.


Prayers promised


Praying for you right now!



Praying through the intercession of St. Joseph.


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