Prayers for a mother

A friend of my wife’s just recently had surgery, a pneumo thorax caused her lung to collapse, and she also has MS. She has a daughter born in China that she loves dearly. Please pray that she has a full and speedy recovery, and that her MS goes into remission for a long time so that she can always be there for her daughter and husband.

Thank you.

Will offer this up at my next rosary

Praying for this intention.


I’m on it…:gopray:


St. Philomena, please intercede for this family. Heal this mother and help her to be able to do all the things mothers do with their children. Amen.

St. Philomena is the Patroness of children, hopeless cases, the sick, and mothers (especially in childbirth), as well as a few other things.


Praying for this mother…

:byzsoc:…praying here…:byzsoc:



Kept in prayer…

Thank you Barbara. :blessyou:

Prayers are on the way and may the Lord bless her.

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