Prayers for a new job please!

Hi Everybody,
I am really in need of your prayers. I am in a dead end job right now and I am applying for a fabulous job I would love to have. It is very different from any of my recent jobs but it would be helping troubled kids (I work in Electronic repair now how different can you get?) Please pray that if it is God’s will, that I get the job and I am able to be successful at helping these kids.

I will say a prayer right now. Good luck!!!

God Bless

Thanks Kathleen…I am really praying I get this one!!!

Hey I really need prayers now…I got an interview tomorrow at 2pm…

May God’s will be done in this – may you get the job He has for you.

I want to thank you for your prayers!!! The most miraculous thing happened… I went on the job interview and I didn’t do as well as I would have liked but I did find out that they had another opening that was more suited for me. As I tried to print out another application my printer went down (now I can see God’s intervention) so I was bummed that I would have to make other plans for applying for the position. That was Thursday…well on Friday my son called me at work and told me that a business acquiaintance ( I had been trying to get to hire me for the past 2 years) had called so I called him back. I figured that he was having more computer problems and needed me to fix it for him. I called him back and his secretary was very immediate when I called…Oh, let me get him right away, he is expecting your call. Oh no…big problems I thought. He got on the phone and asked what I was doing, I told him I was at work and he asked if I could stop by right after work…no prob… So I went there and he and I talked about his businesses and he offered me a job. As we were speaking, I told him I didn’t think I was right for the position as he wanted software design, web design, engineering expertise and generally too much diverse work done to hire me to do it all. I offered him suggestions on his web page and offered him an alternative to his software dilema… he smiled and said he was sure he wanted me and that I was the right person for the job since I have an electronic background to my computer education. He told me I would have free reign to contract as much or as little as I wanted to. Then he saw me glance at my watch and asked if I had somewhere to go. I replied that I did but not yet…we talked some more about investors and marketing his business and how I thought that a presentation on his software and hardware would be a better marketing tool than a “demo” version of his software since this is a worldwide corp and software piracy in Asia and Russia was nearing 100% as opposed to Brazil at 75%, Africa and Europe at 50% and the US at 25 to 30%. Again he got this strange smile on his face and said he was sure I was the right person for the job. I glanced at my watch again and I told him that I had to go pick up my fiance from work. He asked why I had to pick him up and I told him we were down to 1 working vehicle. He looked at me and said, If you work for me I will buy you a car(He also owns a car dealership). I was shocked, and I replied Your kidding? He said no, he wasn’t so I then countered him with my wedding plans in a couple of months…he said what is the problem? You are not planning a 6 month honeymoon are you? So I assured him it would be a couple of weeks and he said no prob. In the end I had to go pick up my fiance so he said we would talk money on Monday. Wow I was floored!!! This man is a very big business man with several companies and worldwide business interests…and he wants me to work for him!!!

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