Prayers for a still born child and her family


I heard from a friend this morning, asking for my prayers. I’ve copied the email here, removing identifying details:

Many of you know my friends Brandy and Doug. Her little girl Natalya had unexplained seizures earlier this spring. Natalya is doing fine and the doctors feel that it most likely was due to a virus. We are going to Natlaya’s second birthday party in a few weeks.

However, things have not been easy for the family. Doug is working as a truck driver now and this takes him away from the family 2-3 weeks at a time. They are both seeking better opportunities, but so far nothing has come up.

Then tragedy struck yesterday.

Brandy was expecting their second child in September and found out yesterday that the baby had passed away in vitro:

“Margaret Elizabeth Kxxxxxx was born at 1:08 this morning.
Weighing 5lb 3oz and 16” long, she was never with us on this earth and has passed on.

I am doing fine, healing and I have lots of help from Doug and my Mom, who came down early Sunday morning when we found out that Margaret had passed and I would be induced shortly after."

Please pray for the Kxxxxxx family. Losing a child is one of the saddest life experiences possible and words of true comfort are difficult to find.
I wish we could find words that would relieve their pain, but I cannot
imagine what those words are.

Thank you for your prayers…



Praying for this family.


Thank you so much - :slight_smile:



In my prayers. :crossrc:


I will pray for this little one and her loving family.


I’ve said a prayer for her.


I am so sorry to hear about your friend and her family. I am not a mother yet, but I did have a miscarriage earlier in the pregnacy. That hurt me so much, emotionally and physically. I can’t imagine what she is going through. I will pray for her and her family. :crossrc: You are a good friend, just be there for her and her family. Our Holy Mother will watch over her and her family. :hug3:

God Bless,





I’ll be praying for the family and for the baby’s soul… May God bring them healing and peace.


I’ll pray for them.




Prayers for them.


Thank you all so much for your prayers. This family is friends of a friend of mine, so we pray for them not knowing them personally. I can’t imagine the emotional pain of having to deliver a dead child - the thought of that is just beyond comprehension for me.

I heard from my friend today who said the mom is doing better but still struggling as would be expected. And so we continue to pray…

Thanks again,



They are in my prayers.


Prayers for the family.

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