Prayers for baby niece: brain surgery led to staff infection


Please pray for Willa, she is a year and a half old and has a staff infection in her brain…also for healing of brain surgery site where cancer was removed (which caused infection). For her parents and family, that they may find God’s peace. Thanks so much!



I just offered a short prayer - and will pray some more later if I remember (and I will try too!).



Praying for the baby and her family.


For baby Willa, her family, especially Mama and Dad, and her doctors and caregivers, and for all who love her. My God’s healing and peace be upon you all. :signofcross:


Prayers for baby Willa and her family. :gopray:


Will prayer for the health of your baby niece.


Prayers for Willa and her family. :gopray:


Praying for Willa & for her family…


Is there any update?


Praying for the baby and her family… God have mercy on the baby girl and her family!


I am praying for her. Let us know how she is.


Prayers for Willa and her family, that she be completely healed, and that the cancer not return!:gopray2:


:crossrc: Prayers for Willa and her family.


For this precious child, I offer her up in Adoration today.


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