'Prayers for Bobby' movie

I understand this was originally played on TV, starring Sigourney Weaver. Now it can be rented as a DVD most anywhere.

I do like the religious undertone even if I am unsure of the conclusions to the movie. It opens up with a song that sounds like something one would hear in Church service say with guitars and singers: “I need you to listen, I need you to answer (repeated by the chorus)” which I do find on the web. An interesting examination on the subject of gays.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prayers_for_Bobby The wikipedia article.


If “Prayers for Bobby,” airing Saturday and based on the book by the late Leroy Aarons, is a tearjerker, it’s not only because it’s a Lifetime original film, and that’s what the network does, but because the true story of Bobby Griffith is tragic.

Twenty-six years ago, when Bobby Griffith threw himself to his death from a Portland, Ore., overpass, there were fewer options for young gay and lesbian people than there are now.

Interestingly enough, I think there was a thread from a few weeks ago I vaguely read and it seemed similar to a situation where a child in a family was a homosexual. That is what this movie is about. A bit of a chore to labor through despite being around 90 minutes long though an interesting take.

Anyway, it definitely has religious undertones to it even if the Church that reaches out to Gays many of us would not be in agreement with, I still think it is still thought provoking. Still, it’s a topic I’m unsure about. Something that needs to have a public discourse so we know what we are dealing with.

I saw it and it seemed a little too pro-gay imo.

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I saw it and it seemed a little too pro-gay imo.


Thanks for telling us, it's not easy really to speak up about this movie. Despite a gut wrenching story, it's compassionate. It's like a few movies out there that are not easy to watch over again but something to reflect on nonetheless.

Religious movies come out, not everyone may have totally related to "Song of Bernadette", I enjoy the movie on high school football, "Facing the Giants" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facing_the_Giants though it clearly has an Evangelical Christian view to it.

It merits being mentioned and hearing what others thought but apparently it has not been seen widely.

It wasn’t just a good movie it was an important one as well. The first half addresses Bobby’s struggle and the second half focuses on his mother and her understanding and ultimate repentance for what she did to him. I would absolutely recommend it.

I just saw the movie and was disturbed by the suggestion that homosexuality is accepted by God. Yes God loves us despite our sins but we are called to live a chaste life. I am glad I watched the movie because it helps to understand the struggle that homosexuals and their parents and family members go through and what may be the best way to handle it. The mothers mistake was to not emphasize her unconditional love for her son despite his sin and maybe by being to pushy about “making him change” and instead turning to God in prayer and praying for her son. We cannot judge where Bobby will spend his eternity. We know God knows Bobbies heart and desires better than we do, but to try to justify homosexuality to put him in heaven only hurts the sinner. They know the truth about homosexuality as a disorder and to lie to them and tell them it is normal only causes more confusion and does not lead them toward a good emotional, spiritual and physical health. That is not bigotry it is true love and concern for the other.

Very true.

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