Prayers for Club in Bakersfield


As a young convert catholic, I have been around only for now a year and a half with the catholic church. Yet, in that short of time, I have been enriched by the use of the bible, sacraments, and traditions of our catholic church. However, I have noticed a slight dilemma that seems to affect local parishes. That problem, which I believe is large, is the lack of participation of catholic youth. Now, in this world, I know personally (I am 20) of the dangers that the world contains with the constant barrage of sex and drugs, especially as a college student. So, I made a decision to start a club for catholics in the city of Bakersfield, California. The school is Bakersfield College (which I am nearly done with but wish to start this club and train people before I leave) and there are many clubs (homosexual, pro-marijuana,a protestant club, etc) but no club for catholics. All I ask is pray for this club and pray for the youth of our church so that they may see what richness the catholic church offers.


“For Family, For Faith, For Our Future”.
Por Familia, Por Fey, Por Nuestro Futuro

Thank you for your support


Great idea for a club. I will pray for it’s success.


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