Prayers for Conversion.


Hello {{{{{everyone}}}}},

I am requesting prayers for the conversion of my sister in law Betty. In the time she has been married to my brother which is now about 25 years or so, (I hesitated to post this since I’m afraid it wont sound right, but here goes). She has caused so much disruption and grief in our family. She hates Catholics and when she walked into a Catholic church once she said she was going to go to hell.
She started off as a Southern Baptist and now is a born again Christian. I for one don’t see any difference in her but who am I to say. Anyway she feels she is better than us and once even made fun of our beloved Pope John Paul II. She has devastated our family with her way of thinking and all holidays are torture for us. We have silently gone on answering her questions and hitting brick walls with her.

It would be such a joy to feel we are a true family and so far we aren’t. I hope you can spare a moment to pray for her conversion and that of her children. My brother is Catholic so he’-]/-]s fine. I just would like peace in knowing we are one in faith. :gopray2:

Bless you all for your kind hearts.


Praying for her, and you’re whole family, too.




Praying for her and your family.



My son just recently went back to dating his ex-wife, and I have heard that she has said she will never again step into a Catholic church. My wife and I are so disraught over him going back to her. Please pray that God leads him back to his family and that he finds a loving girl to share his life with.

Heavenly Father, You know I was not Catholic when I married my dear wife. And after years of watching and waiting I finally heard Your voice. Please make your voice known to 4Ever’s sister-in-law. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.


I pray that all of you find true peace and happiness in the joys that are shared by all Christians.


Thank you so very much {{{{{Mommyof4, Duffyo7, 244Rocket}}}}} for your prayers. :slight_smile:

{{{{{ChinaDad}}}}} I’ll pray for your son and your family. I know so well how painful words along with actions can be.
Thank you so much for your beautiful prayer. My prayer for your son and your family was in silence but it was heard.

{{{{{Mahleh}}}}} It would be nice if that could be so. I respect all religions but we as Catholic’s are not respected. We are the last bastion for bigotry and slander. It’s ok to put us down but put any other down and your the scum of the earth. It only solidifies and strengthens my love for the Church and all she stands for, but for the weak well you know what happens.

Bless you all and your all in my prayers. :crossrc:


Praying for peace in your family and for the softening of the heart of your sister-in-law and her conversion. :signofcross:


To be Christ like we must turn the other cheek no matter how many times we are verbally or mentally assaulted. The city I live in is very large and deverse nationallity wise, but, when it comes to religion we Catholics are barely tolerated. That does not mean I have to stoop to their level. I can however, pray for their soul and that their eyes can be opened. I have some very loving Protestant friends, do not get me wrong. We must continue to do as our Pope commands us, and try to get along. We do not give up our beliefs, just have faith that ours is strong enough to overcome any adversity. I do and I know you do too:thumbsup:


{{{{{Jeanette_L}}}}} thank you so very much how lovely. :slight_smile:

{{{{{Mahleh}}}}} I agree with you 100% and I have friends of all faiths and I love them all equally. My parents and I have been turning our cheeks for over 25 plus years and we will continue to do so. Everything you said is right on the money.

I only gave information so no one would have to ask or wonder exactly what was going on. No offense to anyone was intended. I post this just in case. Thank you again for your lovely and insightful posts.


I’ll be praying for Betty and her children. May God bless you and your family!



Praying for Betty and your family…


Praying for Betty. :gopray:


I am praying the rosary for your sister-in-law Betty and your family.:slight_smile:


Every night I light a candle in my little oratory before a picture of St. Rita of Cascia who is the patron of difficult and impossible causes. I shall remember Betty with her and ask her to keep it in prayer for her conversion …and to loving Charity for all regardless. Saturday I pray The Rosary for all intentions here and will remember Betty again…
St. Rita please keep Betty in prayer


I feel so very blessed to have found this forum and all of you wonderful and loving people.

Thank you so very much for all your prayers now I don’t feel alone. Thank you so much.

{{{{{{{{{{daughterofmary, Sapphire, Stitch, Yustina, BarbaraTherese}}}}}}}}}} bless your kind and loving hearts.

My nephew will be coming back soon from Europe. He wrote me to tell me that he had visited the Vatican and he told me it was like entering heaven. I had tears in my eyes from his words. I’m praying he helps his mother see the error of her ways. With all your prayers I feel we stand a chance. Thank you again. :signofcross:


Thank you for the update and continuing to keep Betty in prayer…


Praying for Betty, to move past this spirit of anger & prejudice.:gopray:
Praying for your whole family, that somehow Betty will be able to see & understand that all of you are followers of the same Lord.:gopray:

God bless you all through this difficult situation.:gopray::gopray:


{{{{{Barbara_Therese, Zooey}}}}} your both so precious and thank you for your prayers. Bless you all, those that post and those that don’t.

Beautifully said {{{{{Zooey}}}}} thank you. :grouphug:

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