Prayers for crisis pregnancy


A friend of my wife is 15 weeks pregnant and found out during the last visit to the doctor that the skull is not forming around the baby’s brain. The doctors are trying to convince her to “terminate the pregnancy”, but she can’t and won’t. Please say a prayer for her. Does anyone know what this condition is or possible treatments? Doesn’t sound like her doctor has been much help.


I had a niece who’s baby had this same problem. No, there is no treatment. :frowning: My niece’s baby died in the womb, as most babies with this condition do, from what I’ve heard. I could be wrong.

I will say a prayer for the family. I’m so very sorry.


Prayers for mom, baby, and misguided doctor.


May God Bless the mother abundantly for her great faith and witness to the Gospel of Life.

I am so sorry to learn of this little ones condition and will ask God for a miracle.

I will keep the entire family, friends and loved ones in my prayers and all of the physicians helping this lady and her unborn child.

I will offer my Eucharist for you all.

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