Prayers for Daryl Holton, to be executed at 1:00 am

Please pray for Daryl Holton. His execution is scheduled for 1:00 am CST Wednesday. He chose the electric chair instead of lethal injection. Whether you do or don’t support the death penalty, all I am asking for is that you pray for his soul. You can read more about the story here.

Great thought, suggestion, and intention…prayers are on the way.

Father, I pray that this soul is ready to meet you! I pray for the souls of his 4 children that he murdered. I pray for the mother of the children that is to be left alone on this earth. Stay with her Father and guide her… In Jesus name I pray… AMEN

I will certainly be praying for this man’s soul,only GOD knows his heart, In JESUS Name I Pray:heart:


Let us pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for him, at the time of his dead.
I followed your link. He has the saddest look, he seems to have had enough time to repent and to prepare to die.
May the Lord have mercy of his troubled soul.

Yes, the Divine Mercy Chaplet will be the source of so much grace for Daryl Holton. Please pray!

I think the Divine Mercy Chaplet would be great to pray for him. Thank you all for joining in prayer for him.

praying :signofcross:

praying for him.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Just to give you the final word on Daryl Holton, he was pronounced dead at 1:25 am. AP release here.

Praying! :gopray2:

Unfortunately I didn’t read this prior to execution time :frowning: but prayers for the repose of his soul and in hopes that he made a good end :gopray:

Prayers for his soul AND for the souls of his children - innocent victims.

I also pray that the wife has peace and comfort. I cannot imagine the pain of losing all your family.


No problem. Thanks again for all the prayers.

Praying for his soul and his family. :signofcross:

Keeping Daryl in daily prayer…Lord, show us your Mercy and pardon Daryl and us as we will pardon…


May God grant mercy on his soul. i am sorry, i did not see this thread until now. My prayers are with him and all involved. Thank you AngelRose81, for having such love in your heart. i will pray for you as well.

Chyna :signofcross:

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