Prayers for Deceased -- Wasted or Useful?

My father recently died. He was a holy man whom I think is with God – but of course I don’t really know his state – heaven or purgatory. I thought I should offer some of my daily prayers for dad. If the Lord already has him in heaven, will these prayers be “wasted”, or can they be “recycled” into something useful?

I am very sorry for your loss. Losing a parent, no matter how old you are, is always difficult.

As far as being “wasted” , NO prayer is ever wasted.

And praying for the dead is a spiritual work of mercy.

No prayer is wasted. If your dad is in heaven, then he will pray with you and help another soul through purgatory.

Absolutely agree. No prayer is ever wasted. Ask in faith, and be content that your loving Lord has heard you-- Him who loves both you, and your father.

Peace be with you.

Prayers for the dead are done out of love. Love is never wasted.

I am sorry, zgraf, for your recent loss. I was thinking almost the same thing this morning, wondering if I should pray for my Dad, or the soul in purgatory I am “working” on. Constantine’s answer was so very well said, I feel like I can just pray and God will see that the “right” person gets it. :angel1:

these prayers are never wasted. If your father is in Purgatory, they will help him. If he is in Heaven, the prayers would be applied to another soul in Purgatory :slight_smile: it would be a good idea to get some Masses offered as well.

Condolences for your loss :hug1:

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