Prayers for dying FIL who still rejects God


My FIL is dying of kidney failure and is refusing treatment to save/extend his life. He is very angry at God, and I think he has been his whole life. I fear his soul is in very serious danger right now. DH has cut him out of his life (for good reasons) and he is pretty much alone.

Please pray for his conversion and that he makes peace with God before his death. His name is Anthony.


praying fo Anthony. :gopray:


I’ll pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet for him.

And to St Anthony as well of course :gopray2:


I’ll pray too.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’ll also pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for him, and I’ll ask my husband to do the same!


went through similar scenario two years ago, he died on the same day as the pope did, so we are hoping all the prayers for the pope, and his intercession helped our step-dad. according to the doctor, his brain and personality were so damaged by strokes and the underlying cancer that he could not be held responsible for anything he said or did, so we hope his personal judgement was based on his 80 years of upright Catholic living before he got sick. He used to attack the church, his wife’s faith, the priests in an unbelievably caustic way, totally unreasonable. We now think it was his illness talking, not his real self.


I wish it was illness talking for him, but I’m afraid it’s not. He’s perfectly in his right mind and has always rejected God (as far as I can tell). He’s led a very sinful life and did some horrible things to his wife and kids (why DH won’t talk to him, it’s just too draining to maintain a relationship with his Dad, he’s tried several times…).

He wasn’t raised with any religion but married a Christian woman. But he has rejected everything as far as I know.

MIL told me the other day that he’s angry at God because he lost everything (they went through a nasty divorce and none of his kids talk to him) and he’s disabled from a stroke. He blames God for being so miserable, when really he has nobody but himself to blame.

Honestly, I don’t like the man. When I hear about the things he did to his kids when they were growing up, especially DH, it makes me angry. He’s not a “nice” person, in fact he’s a pretty cold hearted person. He thinks nothing of hurting another person to get what he wants.

But as much as I don’t like him, I recognize that his soul is in grave danger and I don’t want to see him go to Hell, and I know God wants him to be saved.


It’s tough to pray for someone we don’t like or someone that most everyone dispises, but God doesn’t see it that way.

It’s perfectly natural to dislike someone who is a real jerk or nasty almost all the time. But those are the folks who need our prayers the most, and God says it is our responsibility to pray for them as well as for the folks that we like.

I never thought of it like this until I started to read the dialogues of St. Catherine of Siena (with God). It gives a bit on insight on how God thinks. We are all responsible for praying for eveyone including and especially for folks who we don’t like. It’s easy to pray for friends and loved ones, it’s really tough to pray for folks that we dispise.

May your FIL repent and be forgiven by the Lord before it is too late.


I couldn’t agree more. :thumbsup:

My mom and I have been praying for his conversion since I started dating DH (13 years). We have to keep reminding ourselves that God doesn’t always answer our prayers in our timetable, but when He see’s fit. I really believe that God is allowing him to suffer with his post-stoke disability to bring him to his knees. I suspect his conversion will probably be a “death-bed” conversion…with our prayers of course.


Divine Mercy Chaplet going up!


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