Prayers for employment


I asked once before and am asking again. First,thanks to all of you who prayed for me before. I need to find employment. I have two college degrees just received the latest last year to be a teacher and can’t find a job, really can’t afford to substitute again. I need a real job because i am $75,000 in debt from school loans and have a $400 a month payment on them. I want to get on with my life, i am 30 years old and still living at home. I don’t know what to do and it has made me very depressed. Thanks for your prayers


I will pray that God leads you out of your debt and onto the path He wants you to follow in life. I will offer up my rosary today for you. :gopray:


I pray for you, that your anxiety might be eased and that the Lord may provide you with all your needs. He will not turn those in need away.


I will pray for you as well.

Question - are you willing to move? Aren’t there certain areas of the country just hurting for teachers? Just a thought.

I pray that you find a job soon.


You have my prayers and some empathy. I went quite some time without a job before I found this internship. It will soon lead to a job. Patience and trust in God finally paid off.

I am still watching my loans grow because I can’t afford the extra mortgage payment and I keep them in differment. However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and soon you will too.

God will not let you miss the opportunity that puts tou where he wants you.

May His Blessings shine upon you,


Praying for you Joey.


Praying to St. Joseph for you…




I’ll pray for you. :gopray:


Praying that you find all that you need


Dear Joey…Will pray to St. Joseph the Worker that you will find the employment that you are seeking and that The Lord will sustain you in the interim and lift your depression…
St. Joseph please pray for him



Yes, i will pray for you. May God grant you peace.

And thank you Joey1976, for wanting to teach our children.

God speed.



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