Prayers for Europe- Lets revive the Faith!

On the first of June 2013, I will be beginning my month long private devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I’ve been thinking of what special intention to offer my devotions for.

I am going to pray the Rosary, the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a prayer to Saint Benedict (Patron of Europe) every day for the month of June for the revival and renewal of the Catholic Faith across all of Europe, the historical heartland of Christianity yet bereft of faith today.

However, I don’t want to do it alone, please, wherever you come from, join me in prayer for Europe for the month of June. Lets say the same devotions together and offer our communions for the purpose and beg God to revive the faith of Christ in Europe together.

If you will join me then pledge your support here underneath and get your friends on CAF to join you as well. At the very least we will receive some graces for this charitable and pious intention.
May the Sweet and Most Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, loved and honored in all places forever. Amen

Yes I will join you in prayer for the month of June. However for the devotion I will recite the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy instead of the Rosary as I am more devoted to the Divine Mercy devotion. I know of the Litany to the Sacred Heart and the prayers to St. Benedict so I will say these every day in June as well. I hope Western Europe will bounce back as well.

God Bless You my friend, Spread the word- The more prayers said, the more Souls saved!

I’m in!

What a great initiative. Europe really needs a bit of a spiritual revival because the situation is very bad, even in traditionally Catholic countries.

Do you have a prayer to St. Benedict, or shall we improvise?

Bump for the thread so more people see it and hopefully join our initiative.

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