Prayers for Friend who Left Abusive Spouse


My friend Ashleigh had a rough lot in life. She was raped at 13 and became pregnant and had a beautiful little girl who her mother is raising. Because of this experience she became involved with the wrong kind of men. She married an abusive man and had two children with him. For four years she endured terrible physical abuse at his hands because she felt she could not leave as she was not working, but caring for the babies. She just left him two weeks ago and is at home with her mother.
Please pray for her healing.
Thank you all so much


Praying for Ashleigh’s healing of mind, body, and soul. May the Lord show her a true path of love she deserves and calm her fears and anxieties. May her family always be protected and watched over. May the Holy Family and St. Joseph intercede for us and bring this young mother who has struggled the peace and love due to all God’s children. Amen.


OMG…I pray that she and her kids are safe…that God keeps her from further harm, and that her husband will get the help that he needs to not abuse anyone else.


God, please protect Ashlegih and her kids. Take them away from danger and bring peace their lives. Amen


Will pray for Ashleigh and her children in my prayers each day.


Praying for Ashleigh and her children!


I am praying for her.


I’ll pray for her. May Our Lord watch over her and her children. :crossrc:


:byzsoc:Prayers for Ashleigh, and for her children. May they be safe & protected. Thank God that she was able to go to her mother. Prayers for her as well!! :byzsoc:


Prayers for all concerned :gopray2:


Praying… :gopray2: God, please, protect Ashleigh and her children. Give them force and courage to live. Amen.


Praying to our Blessed Mother to take Ashleigh into her loving arms.


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