Prayers for Guidance


So I am in a mess of a situation. I’m 19, and in June I will be completing my second and final year of college. My original plan had been to go to graduate school in the fall to work on a Theology degree, and eventually get an MBA. However, now things have seemed to fall apart. While I sucessfully applied to grad school, I know the deck is stacked against me due to my age. I also had a dating opportunity at grad school that I was looking towards persuing, but in recent weeks that friendship, and therefore relationship in general seems to disappered. The pain I have been feeling over this makes me reluctant to even consider going to this grad school that I really wanted to go to, even if I got in, due to the physcological and emotional stress I would have to deal with there. Some people think I should stay at college another semester, or another year or two, but I hate the school I go to and the major I am about to get a degree in. I can’t see myself being there any longer than necessary. Plus, I can’t move back home, b/c my family life is stressfull enough as it is. So I really have no guidance on where to go, or what to do after I finish, and it’s terrifying because God typically doesn’t give me signs on things, so I seem to never have prior peace in what I’m doing.

To summarize, I need prayers to help me figure out the next step in my life. Thanks.


God has a plan for you!! Pray for God’s guidance. Remember it is not about you. You were put on this earth for God’s purpose. Think about what your good at…what are the talents God has given you? How are you serving God? Keep praying and reading the scriptures. Trust in the Lord, he has the answer for you. Take time to be with him and listen. I am praying for you too.
Hang in There.

Father in Heaven,
You made me Your child
and called me to walk in the Light of Christ.
Free me from darkness
and keep me in the Light of Your Truth.
The Light of Jesus has scattered
the darkness of hatred and sin.
Called to that Light,
I ask for Your guidance.
Form my life in Your Truth,
my heart in Your Love.
Through the Holy Eucharist,
give me the power of Your Grace
that I may walk in the Light of Jesus
and serve Him faithfully


My dear please don’t make a major life decision at a time when your emotional strength is undermined by relationship loss and hurt. You are the same age as my beloved granddaughter, and I would urge the same to her.
although she is flourishing.

Dear, please persevere a little longer, as giving up won’t help your self-esteem or your future, and perhaps this degree is a stepping stone to another career or another area of study.

Please keep us informed…but I will be praying for you dear, and hoping life will get better. And I’m sure it will.

Please hang in there
Love, a grandmother, your friend Trishie


May you be guided by Gods hand to show you what it is you need to be doing…even if you don’t think it is right…I ended up in my job now, after they had asked me two other times ,and i turned it down, finally on the third time they asked, i agreed, and now feel like i was born to work there…but you see at first i thought…no way ,so may you know like i did…Keep the faith and give yourself to God and ask him where you need to be and what you need to be doing…In Jesus name I pray with you…Amen…Warmly, LynneMarie


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you!


I know how you feel because I was in a similar situation when I graduated with my degree I couldn’t even get a job with it. And at the time I did not like my school either. And moving back home was not an option for me either. Now I am in the opposite situation you are because I’m older than most students in graduate school. Here’s what I did. I used my bachelors degree to apply to a graduate program that I was really interested in somewhere where I thought I could make a real difference. Graduate school IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT then undergraduate school. You’re not stuck taking a bunch classes you do not want everyone is motivated because they want to be there in the field. My guidance to you is this. Take a step back and try to discern what your dream job would be. In other words what goals do you have for your life? Also it wouldn’t be bad to take a look at your many blessings as well. I don’t think the age difference will mean very much because like I said the graduate school environment is much more academic and professional because you’re dealing with people that actually want to be there and are really passionate about their field. My final piece of advice to you is this why not try graduate school for a semester if you don’t like it or you don’t think you ready then you can leave and come back later that’s always an option. You are clearly a very talented young person and the Lord gave you some very special gifts because not too many people can accomplish what you have at such a young age. I would hate to see you decide not to attend graduate school now without even giving it a shot and then regret that decision later on and always wonder what might have been. But of course this is just my own personal view of things. Good luck to you whatever you decide.


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