Prayers for Healing our Marriage!

Please pray for DH and I this weekend. We are attending Retrouvaille weekend, and although we are both willing and committed to making our marriage work, we are a little nervous about the weekend. DH has never been a talk alot, share your feelings type, so I am hoping this will help.
We need to find a way to heal ourselves and our marriage from a some painful things which have occured before and during our lives together.
Pray for us!

Thank you and God Bless!

We will add you and your husband to our prayers. Sometimes marriage is work … but it’s well worth the effort… :shrug:

I will pray for you. I have read that many people have had success with Retrouvaille. The follow up sessions are supposed to be extremely important. I hope my husband can stop traveling for a while so we can do the weekend and the follow ups.

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