Prayers for help in creating new truthful and good ideas


I wanted to ask for prayers, especially to St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas, and any other intellectual, artistic, or scientific saints, for God’s creative grace and help for myself and all students, in creating new truthful and good ideas in our work and assignments. Please ask God to help us all in not merely regurgitating words and phrases that we may or may not understand, but in generating new developments, variations, and improvements on the ideas that we have been handed down from past generations through our professors and others. May we also not abandon tradition for the sake of arbitrary novelty, but always stick to reality as God created it and still recreates it constantly anew. May we all generate new developments of the theme and variations of the Holy Trinity (silly metaphor from music… :D)

But please pray to all saints and angels and especially the guardian angels of all students and professors and others, that we may burst forth in a resonating cascade of the mirror of God’s creativity in our minds, hearts, souls, and entire being. May we all be an expression of God’s unsurpassable creativity and unconditional love.

God bless you all,

Lord, I offer up this petition to you. Please hear and answer Joshua’s prayer. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayer.

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