Prayers for husband & co-workers, please


My husband’s station manager (local TV) has called a station-wide meeting today to share “gloomy” news. Speculation is there are cutbacks involved, as is happening everywhere these days.

Please remember my husband and all of these employees in your prayers - as well as everyone facing difficult times due to the economy.





I will be praying for your husband all of the unemployed people in the country!



Praying very hard for them!


Thanks so much for the prayers. My husband just let me know that the station manager said they hope to be able to keep everyone and ride out the economic hard times, but no vacancies will be filled, everyone will be doing more work, budgets will be cut, etc. Although everyone is, of course, nervous about the future, they are breathing a little easier for now, at least.

I’ll be praying still for all workers who are facing a bleak Christmas season and are worried about, or have lost their jobs already.

Thank you all.


Glad a little breathing room, will continue to pray for all during this downturn…


Praying for this intention.


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