Prayers for husband, finances, and trying to conceive


**Hello again! :o **

We’re in a REALLY tight financial pinch right now. Pray for that intention, and especially my husband as this is hardest on him and is taking a toll on his health (emotionally and physically.) Pray also that God will provide the second job we are in need of. It’s been several months, and we are still searching for something compatible with his day job schedule.

Please pray also as we are still trying to conceive, and after 19 months, we still have no baby blessings to speak of. Please pray especially for me in this one as the emotional pain of not being able to have children is taking great effects on my physical and mental health.

**Thanks and blessings to all! :slight_smile: **


Come join us in the Novena for Motherhood for all those on CAF trying to concieve or grow their families in other ways! :slight_smile:


You and your husband are in my prayers .


I will add you to prayers.

God has already blessed you - and I do not mean this in a unkind way.
Please see that God has blessed you with His wisdom and sees your financial hardships. You are anxious to have children - just remain open to God’s plan and He will provide when He knows the time is right. For now, count your blessings instead of lamenting in your desires.


I will pray for God to help you in your time of need and longing. :signofcross: Bless you!


Jrabs is right; You are blessed with a sacramental marriage that is open to life. Maybe God is waiting for your financial situation to work out before he blesses you with children. His timing is perfect. Keep cooperating.

You are in my prayers.


GOD is blessing you and loving you everyday . He loves you . :slight_smile: Lord hear covert’s cries for financial blessings and a new job to supplement their income and the gift of a baby , let it be today . LORD BRING IT TO PASS . Thank you , in the name of Jesus , amen . John


Praying that you can accept God’s will in your life!:gopray2:


I will pray for you now… remember
God always comes through for us… even when we fail… Do your best to search for that 2nd. job. The Baby will come only when God is ready!! Congrats in advance… I have faith in the Father!!


Praying for you and your husband…


Will keep your intentions in daily prayer


Praying for you both…


I didn’t mean to bump this back to top, but I always feel the need to thank those who pray for me.

**Thanks to you all! May God richly bless you and yours for your kindness to us! :slight_smile: **


Bumping is ok. :slight_smile: And, continuing to pray for your intentions.


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