Prayers for Madeliene Mc Cann and her family


I don’t know if anyone has posted anything about this or if they have heard about this. A little girl was abducted out of hotel room in Portugal while her parents were dining nearby. The little girl Madeliene is 4 years old and the family is Catholic. I know the tragic thing is, they left Madeliene and 2 yo (I think) twins asleep in the room and went to check on them every ten minutes or so. Call them irresponsible or whatever, but their little girl is missing and has been for quite some weeks now. I cannot imagine the pain, heartache and total agony these parents must be going through.
Apparently they went to Fatima (or Lourdes, not sure…sorry about the lack of accurate information) to pray for her safe return.
The thought of anything like this happening to me has been really bothering me. I woke up this morning feeling very distressed about this as I must have been dreaming of it or something. Please everyone pray for this little girl. There is little hope of finding her alive now, but please please pray her and for the family. This would have to be a parents worst nightmare.


I heard of her story. :crying: As a mommy, I cannot imagine what her parents are going through. Prayer going up…


Yes they did go to Fatima and I know the Pope is praying for them and their daughter.



**Me too. **

I think about her often and pray for her and her family.


I understand there has been some sort of ‘clue’ and an area is being searched today for a grave site.

I know the parents met with The Holy Father. I am so very sorry for them, having to go through this kind of hell on earth…


It is so very sad - and such a strange thing too.

I pray for that family and all families who try to protect their children from all harm. May the Holy Family watch over all of us and keep our kids from harm’s way.


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