Prayers for Marriage


I am in need of prayers for dealing gracefully and patiently with my husband, but at the same time to stand up and take care of myself. Here’s the scoop:

We are a young married couple (married for 3 yrs) w/ 2 beautiful children under 2. My husband has always been a night owl, but it has gotten to where he stays up all hours of the night and sleeps in late. This means that he doesn’t see the kids in the morning before they go to the sitter and he works late past their bedtime so he doesn’t see them in the evening and by then he’s ‘too tired’ to help w/ the chores. And he is very often ‘sick’ w/ a headache or belly ache but he won’t go to the dr to be tested for diabetes or blood sugar issues. BTW he doesn’t eat or sleep well or excercise.

I am very overwhelmed at having to take care of everything on my own and not having any time to myself. Also, I miss us just being happy. Besides all this, I am on a Dave Ramsey kick to get out of debt so we can let our hair down (financially speaking) and get out and do some fun stuff as a family or just the 2 of us. My ultimate goal is to be a SAHM.

Please pray for God to restore us to our best selves and that he will set our hearts on fire with love - for Him and one another.

Thank You



Sounds like you work too, right? Well, you are carrying a heavy load - no doubt! Prayers are ascending!:gopray2:


My DH used to be a night owl, wouldn’t listen. He wouldn’t go to the doctor earlier this year because he knew better. He ended up with a spetic shock and pneumonia.

I will definitely pray for you. But if my DH’s story will scare him, feel free to use it. A spouse in the hospital almost dying and 27 days just to get out of the hospital should scare anybody.


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