Prayers for Mary Wagner!


I’m humbled by her courage.


God Bless her and may she save as many lives as possible.


She is a great example to us all in showing determination and actually giving steadfast witness to the deaths of millions of babies.

Maybe people acting like this will give our church leaders a conscience about speaking out as well instead of remaining silent.


A true heroine! God bless Mary Wagner!:heart::heart::heart:


I think she’s spent enough time trying this particular method of stopping women from taking their children’s lives.

Unfortunately, if you mention Mary Wagner’s name, most people don’t know who she is. Is there a better way for her to get results? If she instead wrote a letter a day to all sorts of mp’s and mla’s, and university professors, etc., she would begin to be heard. Right now, she’s stuck in jail again and the media never reports it.

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