Prayers for Missing 7 Year Old - Benjy Heil

Please pray for a 7 year old boy, from the Wisconsin Rapids, WI area, who has been missing since Thursday, June 14, 2007. His name is Benjy Heil. He is autistic. Searchers have been out since Thurs. looking for him but as of today, Sunday, nothing has turned up. His parents are having a difficult time coping. They also need a lot of prayers. So, please, pray, pray, pray! Nothing is impossible with God!!!

Mother Mary, as You are the Mother of All, please find this little one and lead him safely to his earthly mother’s arms. If it be His will, that he is not on earth, please guide him in your loving arms to a safe haven in heaven. Amen

prayers for Benjy and his family :crossrc:

I pray for his safe return home. :gopray2:


God Bless,



Praying for the safe return of Benjy and praying for this family at this time.

**Oh I hate hearing these stories, praying they find Benjy, Prayers for his family!:gopray2: **


Praying for Benjy and his parents.:gopray:

I will pray for him and his family.

Praying for Benjy and his parents. :signofcross:

Praying for Benjy’s safe return and for strength for his family at this difficult time.:signofcross:


May the Lord guide all those searching for Benjy to his side. May he be safe and secure in the love of all those wanting him found. May peace and comfort come to the family soon.

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