Prayers for my children


I know I have asked several times for prayers for myself and my wife during this trial, but please remember my children in your prayers. Christopher is 8, Savannah is 4 and Noah is 2. They are doing well adjusting to me being away, but I know that they miss their dad.

Please pray for our baby that is on the way as well.

Many thanks and prayers!


Awww! You are a GREAT dad Mirror Mirror! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

You are assured my prayers for each and every one! :crossrc:


Thanks! :tiphat:


:byzsoc: :crossrc:


As long as the prayers don’t stop everything will be fine!

God bless


You’re a great father, and prayers are being said for you. :gopray:




Just wanted to thank you all for your continued prayers for us!!


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