Prayers for my cousin's family--death of newborn


My cousin and his wife are expecting the birth of their third child any day now. They are also expecting this little girl will die quickly after her birth. Please keep them in your prayers for strength and maybe even for a miracle.




O Lord God Jesus Christ, the Life and strength of all that put their hope in You, Whose mercies are numberless, and the treasury goodness that is infinite, we give thanks to You for the blessings of this new life which You have bestowed., and we humbly beseech You to continue Your goodness toward them, confounding the wise Lord, bring this child to full fruition. As You have been well pleased to restore us to our bodily health, so do imbue our souls with all the heavenly graces, perseverance in this time of suffering and doubt, and prepare them by Your blessings in this life for the enjoyment of eternal happiness in the Life to come. For to You are due all glory, honor, and worship, as also to Your Eternal Father and Your All-holy Good and Life-creating Spirit, both now and forever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.


May God bless and hold this family in His comforting embrace . We ask for mercy and trust in you dear Father. Amen.


Praying for them.


Praying for them and the child. May God grant them all the peace and comfort they will need at this difficult time.


I will pray for them


Thank you for your prayers. Hannah Gloria was born last night and went to be with our Lord early this morning. Please keep her parents, brother and sister in your prayers.


My prayers - and Sunday Mass for the repose of Hannah Gloria’s soul and for her family :gopray2:




Praying for them all.


Prayers. :signofcross:


Very sad. Kept in daily prayer…Barb


:crossrc: :highprayer: :signofcross: :byzsoc:


How sad. I pray for this family that God gives them the strength that they need to weather this storm.


I just found this today mama… how very sad and how it breaks my heart. I will most certainly keep everyone, especially family and their new angel, in my prayers. :frowning:


In my prayers…for a miracle, and if the baby should die–that they wil feel God’s strength, and lean on His understanding, and not their own. I’m sorry to hear this.:frowning:




They are in my prayers.


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