Prayers for my daughter


Could you please pray for my daughter Dyan? She has been going through a very bad time for a while now with her faith and obeying us. We’re at our wits end with her. :frowning:

I can’t go into details, but it’s not good.

Thank you!


Praying for yourself, Dyan and the rest of the family. :gopray2:


Praying for all of you.




Your are all in my prayers


Beautiful Mary, Mother of God, help this family with their child and help this child to see the grace and love she can receive from Jesus Christ.



My prayers for you :gopray2:




You guys are great. Thank you so much. God bless you. :thumbsup:


my prayers are with you.
God love all of you!



we ask that you would keep Dyan safe and protect not just her physical being but her spiritual being as well. We ask you to bless her parents and give them the grace and wisdom to continue to guide Dyan until she is of age to be on her own. Help Brenda as a mother be strong of heart and head and not to indulge what should not be overlooked. Yet help her to be guided by Your ways dear Lord. We know the enemy seeks the breakup of families Lord so we ask extra special protection and love be given to this bunch.

Dyan, we speak blessings over you along with your parents, that no harm may come to you. May you discontinue in your prideful manner and give up whatever it is in this world that is drawing you away from your family.




Praying for the Holy Spirit to lead you in the direction that will best help your daughter. Praying for the wisdom, knowledge and guidance as well as a Spirit of peace, love and joy.

There are no easy answers sometimes… just trust God and know that he knows what is the best way.


Dyan is in my prayers…


:crossrc:I am praying for your whole family.:crossrc:

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