Prayers for my family


Could anyone please pray for my family? There are a couple of specifics.

My Sister: She is 17 and pregnant. Out of wedlock and no intention of getting married. Pray that she will return to the Church, hopefully marry, and that the child will be raised a Catholic, the father is from a faithless family. Also both my sister and her boyfriend are being threatened by a local gang for some reason that my sister won’t tell us in an attempt to protect us. Please pray for the three of them that they may be protected from harm.

My Grandfather: Recently he has had some minor strokes and a lot of nasty falls. I don’t think he has much time left. He was raised an Anglican but I have very rarely seen him enter a church, or pray. I feel his mind is too far gone to introduce the faith to him, as an Englishman he has always viewed it with suspicion. Pray for him, that he may be recived into heaven.

My Grandmother: She has very advanced Alzheimers, I have no idea how I can help towards her salvation other than prayer as she has no mental faculties left, so it would be impossible to introduce the faith to her.

My parents: They work a 12 hour shift most days and then have to care for my very fragile grandparents. Pray that they may find some respite.

Also, my father, brothers, sisters and cousins who live with us are atheists, I haven’t been able to convince them, Please pray that myself, my aunt and my mother, their only contact with the Catholic Church, will be more motivated to bring the truth to them.

Thank you to everyone who keeps my family in their prayers.
God Bless,


I pray that your family may be blessed and will be led to Heaven.


Prayers for your family :gopray2:


I’ll say prayers for your family. :gopray:


:crossrc: I will pray for you and your family.

God Bless,




Peter, I’ll pray for your family.:gopray:



with regard to your grandparents who may be failing mentally as well as physically, know that the Holy Spirit can work wonders with these souls, as they no longer are able to put up the intellectual objections and arguments they did formerly, and in illness and nearness to death are particularly receptive to grace. You may find that they will be praying for you in the not to distant future.


Thank you all so much for your prayers, and thanks for your comforting response puzzleannie. I will keep all of your intentions in my prayers.


my prayers are with you and your family, peter.


Dear Holy Mary and Joseph,

As you were the holy parents of Our Precious Lord, you know the frailty of our existence.

Please pray to your Most Holy Son, Jesus Christ, for this family with all their trials and tribulations. Pray that they may be healed, mind, body and soul. May their burden be lifted if that be the will of the Father.

Holy Mary and Joseph, pray for all of us who still live in this earthly realm. We join you and all the heavenly host in praising God forever.



I will commend your family in my Rosary.


May St. Joseph watch over and intercede for the safety and health of all your family. You cross is heavy indeed. Keep strong and we pray all will be well soon for grandparents, parents, siblings, and yourself as well. God Bless.


Prayers for you and your family.

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