Prayers for My friend who feels called to evil

Please pray for my friend. I don’t want to write his name, but a I will tell you of his situation. He has told me that he believes that it is his destiny to do evil, that evil is part of his nature, that evil is better than good. He comes from a protestant background, and he once believed in God, but now, he doesn’t. I told him that destiny is not true: that we each have free will to do whatever we want, but he simply went on to say that nobody can change his mind, he told me of how another friend a while ago tried to change his mindset, but failed. I don’t know what to do or say. I pray for him everynight, and now I request that you do the same. Thanks for reading this and God bless you all.

I will pray for your friend to open his mind & heart again to God. It is a sad & dangerous situation he is in to resign himself to evil. Satan is grabbing a hold of him, but have faith that all is not lost. Does he have depression? Keep conversation with him & of course prayers. I will pray for him and you. God Bless.

Be a friend and continue praying for him, but try to detach yourself. It is a lot easier for him to bring you down than for you to bring him up.


This is what I have been doing. He has asked if he could live with me for a few months, though and I havent answered him. I really don’t want to because of a few reasons : He often implies that he likes my sister. Now that is not so bad I suppose, but the other things he has said bother me. He has said that he feels like he is destined to be evil. He believes he is a reinacarnation of his grandfather, he has often told me that he has a hard time controlling himself or focusing. This is evident it his school work.
He also has told me he has depression. He has told me that one day, he might just “snap” and do many heinous things. His mother is throwing him out of the house. I have tried to tell him to change his ways, but he won’t because he doesn’t believe in free will. With all of these things in his character, I feel a little unsafe allowing him to live here. I want to say no, but I fear if I do, he will become even more depressed. He has been known to self injure(cut) in the past, And I think he still does it. I fear for my friend. I want to help.

Do you feel that he is dangerous? It won’t due him any good if he (a) drags you down along with him, or worse (b) is a danger to you or others that are around you. He needs alot of prayer and he also needs professional help…BIG TIME professional help.
Pray the prayer of St. Michael often. Also the Blessed Mother as she is extremly powerful in crushing the head of Satan. Try to get him to seek help, like yesterday!


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No one is called to do evil. Yes I will pray for him… God gives us all free will, you do the choosing. He needs our prayers.

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