Prayers for my friend's mom

My friend’s mom was just diagnosed with colon cancer, which may have spread to her liver. Please pray for her heath, physical and spiritual. :gopray:

I will pray for your friend’s Mother and her family.

God Bless…:gopray:


Praying for her health.


Praying for your friend’s mom…

Will keep your friends Mom in prayer for strength and for healing…

I’ll be praying for your friend’s mom. :gopray:



I’ll say a special prayer for her… My brother-in-law and my step daughter have both just been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Treatment began today for the brother-in-law.

May the Lord bless your friend’s Mom. May He be with her and her family through this difficult time. Almighty Father, may they all find comfort in your tender embrace. Amen.

Praying for your mom’s friend.:gopray2: :gopray:

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