Prayers for my Grandfather

Please pray for my grandfather. He was just taken to the hospital and the hospital chaplain called my father and they believe he has had a stroke and it doesn’t look good. My dad is on his way there now. Thank you all.

Praying for your Grandfather.

My prayers for your grandfather and that he recovers from his stroke.

Praying now!


Praying for your grandfather!

~~ the phoenix

In the Living Prayer of my life

May Our Lady of Perpetual Help intercede for your grandfather and for Faith and fortitude for the family and his friends at this difficult time.

Praying for your grandfather.

Thank you for all your prayers. My grandfather is not doing much better. I went to see him last night and he can’t speak very clearly and is losing some of the control of his arms and legs. They are running more tests today because they still can’t see where the stroke happened but they still believe that is what it is. Please keep the prayers coming and I’ll pray for any troubles you are having as well.

Prayers for your grandfather and your family.

Praying for your grandfather…

Dear Mary, My mother and my queen, please intercede for this person. Hail Mary…

Dear AngelRose…Thank you very much for this update, and also for your prayers. Keeping your grandfather in daily prayer…

Praying for your grandfather and for the family…:signofcross:



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