Prayers for my husband, please


Hi Y’all,
Please pray for my husband. He’s in the hospital for the second time this month suffering from a second acute attack of pancreatitis. He’s only 47, and he’s everything to me.
Pancreatitis is most often caused by long term alcohol use. I won’t poop out…we both imbibe. We’re not alcoholics, but we both come from “frequent recreational use” households. My hubby stopped drinking…period…when Lent started…we’ve done this or the last two years.
Anyhow, he’s been soooo good. Small meals, no fat, no booze, then “Wham!”. Another attack. I’m so upset. We’ve been married 13 years, and have only been apart when work send us away (a grand total of…1 month over 10 years).
I’m just sitting here…looking around around…missing him.
The worst part is that I went to the hospital tonight to bring him his comfy clothes, a pillow from home, his laptop, PDA, Palm Pilot…etc… and I wanted to see his medical chart. My Dad’s an MD, my mom’s an ER nurse, and my big sis is a nurse practitioner (so they’re all asking me what’s going on). The nurse told me that I did not have the right to see my HUSBAND’S chart! Can You believe that!!! I don’t have the right??? HE’S MY HUSBAND!!!
I’m sooooo mad. He’s wopped up on pain medicine now, so he doesn’t even remember his name. He may be their patient…but he’s my whole life…my love…my best friend…who do these people think they are? If they think I’ll just go away…oh my stars are they ever wrong. That’s my booby in there. If he has a bowel movement…that’s my business (since he’s been ill, we’ve been monitoring). He is mine…God gave him to me and me to him. I’m so ticked off that I can be told MY HUSBAND’S MEDICAL CHART IS OFF-LIMITS TO ME…HIS WIFE!!! HIPA be damned…I’m going to kick some booty come tomorrow.
Anyway, please send up some prayers for him. His name is Robert and he’s the greatest guy in the whole world. God so smiled on me when when He matched us up. I could never, and will never, ask for a greater gift.



My prayers are with your family.
In most hospitals, there is a “patient advocate” department; you probably know all about it, more than I do. I am in the laboratory part of the healthcare field; some folks like to take HIPAA to the “n-th degree” as my mother would say but I really hope they are just erring on the side of caution rather than power-tripping. Good luck tomorrow with the administration.



saying prayers for you and your husband…


I’m praying too!

God Bless,


I’m praying for you and your husband. My father also suffered from pancreatsis. He was an alcoholic, but gave it up for over 18+ years, unfortunately the damage was already done. Pancreatsis is not only painful for the individual but also for the family, as there is not much one can do for them. The medical field is always progressing with new medicines and technology, so do not give up hope! God knows your needs, pray to Him!


prayer being offered for you both. For peace for you and healing for him.


FYI - if your husband gives permission for you to see his charts you will be able to. Prayers are with you.



sure i’ll pray


[quote=amills]FYI - if your husband gives permission for you to see his charts you will be able to. Prayers are with you.


I finally found that out. A good friend of mine from Church is an attorney and he drew up all sorts of documents for DH to sign (power of attorney, health care surrogate, living will, etc…kind of freaky in and of itself). I feel sort of bad for the nurses I was getting snarky with and I apologized today. It’s funny how unglued I got. Almost nothing ruffles me, but seeing him ill just drives me nuts.
They found a mass on one of his adrenal glands this morning, so tests are ongoing. His pancreas is back to normal, but he’s still in a lot of pain so we’re still looking for the problem.
Thank you all so much for the prayers. Just knowing others care makes a huge difference.


Prayers to you and your husband.


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