Prayers for my husband's eye and ear health

My hubby has been complaining of dizziness and nausea since Saturday. He finally went to to doctor today and was diagnosed with a viral inner ear infection. It could take weeks or months to clear up and all they can do is treat the symptoms. 50% of those that get this recover completely the other 50% are left with varying degrees of chronic dizziness.:frowning:

My hubby is just finally recovering from a severe case of uveitis that has left the the lense of his left eye permanently damaged and he will eventually need eye surgery to replace the lense -an now he has this to deal with.

If you could pray for his complete recovery I would greatly appreciate it.

Iā€™m praying for your husband.

Lord hear our prayer. :gopray:
But not our will, but Thine be done.


Lord, please comfort this man and help him heal as you see best in your plans for him. May he keep his spirits up at this difficult time. Amen.

May he make a full recovery!

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