Prayers for my husband's health


My husband ended up in the emergency room the weekend before last with severe eye pain. Went to the opthamologist the next and was diagnosed with iritis. He was prescribed two different kinds of eyedrops. Anyway today was his follow up and his eye is not getting better. They had to laser his eye to break up the scar tissue that has been forming and he’s got more meds to take and chest xrays and bood work to see if there is an underlying disease causing this. He was off work all last week and will be this week as well because he runs machines and he can’t do that because he can’t see well. Financially this has put us in bad spot because just prior to this we had an expensive car repair.

Aside from the money, more importantly I’m concerned for his health. If you could pray for his quick recovery I would greatly appreciate.


Yes - I will pray for him.


Saying a prayer right now.


Remember to take care of yourself as well.


I’ll certainly pray for him and for your financial needs, too.


Well my husband went back to the eye doctor today and the inflamation has spread to another part of the eye. He’s on oral steriods now and antibiotics. We go back tomorrow, they want to keep a close eye on it. I appreciate the prayers and if you would continue to do so I would be very grateful.


I’ll pray for you too.


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