Prayers for my kitty, Reesie


He is dying. He is 19 years old and has led the best 9 lives that a cat could imagine. Nonetheless, he can barely move now, his body is getting cold, and he seems to have stopped eating and drinking, as animals will do before they pass away. Please pray that he does not suffer at all. And that it will not become necessary to have him put down, but that he just passes gently and naturally.

And for me, because I will miss him… I was a young girl of 22 when I got him from the Humane Society - seems like it was another lifetime altogether.

thank you.



I’m praying for you and your dear pet.


RandA I am so sorry to read this. Some people don’t know how attached you can be to a cat. But you know how much St. Francis, for example, loved animals, and so losing someone who has been in your life for so long is difficult, I know. And think what a wonderful life he had because you brought him home from the pound!

I can remember getting our cat when I was 4, and how upset I was when I was 23 and my parents called me at work and tell me he had died. He had started going downhill too but they did the same thing and decided not to put him to sleep, and Mom told me after she was so glad they did not. He just didn’t get up one morning and she thought that was so much better than being in some scary vet’s office. I hope that your little friend can go peacefully and that you will have the blessing of being able to let him go in a comfortable environment. I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers.


My Thoughts And Prayers Are With You. I Too Am An Animal Lover And Have Had Many Cats Live To Be
15, So I Know Exactly What You Are Going Thru.

May Ressie Pass Peacefully And May You Find Comfort In All The Happy Memories With Your Kitty.

God’s Blessing And Peace!



Awwww; I will keep you and your beloved kitty in my prayers.
We lost our dear English Springer Spaniel (Nikki) back in 2001; she was 13 and a devoted companion to the family, especially to me during a grave illness, so I can relate.


RandA I found the following picture of the Annunciation and thought you might appreciate it. Living back in the ancient world, no doubt Mary and Joseph had a cat around the house to keep the mice in check, and Jesus probably played with him!

Also, it has often been said that when we go to Heaven, God may very well choose to give back to us our beloved old pets. Obviously it’s not an article of faith, but remember that nothing is impossible with God. God be with you!


I will ask St. Francis to let him pass peacefully. I will say a prayer for you to accept this with as little loss as possible. Kitties are such special animals. (LOL, I almost typed people.):smiley:


Thank you for all of the prayers, and thank you Dret for the picture - it is lovely. Please continue to pray. He is hanging on by the slightest thread, there’s barely any breath left in him, but he is peaceful, in the chair next to me while I work. I picked a good day to work at home.




I hope you can be there with him when it’s his time to go. It will be sad for you, I know very well. But God is watching, and he knows that kindness to one of His creatures, indeed the kindness you have shown ever since you rescued little Reesie and brought him home these many years ago, are a sign of a loving and good heart. Make sure that you take the time to stroke and cuddle as best you can now, so he feels your love and care. It may make it easier for him to go if he is relaxed. You are definitely in my prayers.


I will be here all night if I need to. :frowning:


I hope that when the time comes, St. Francis and St. Gertrude (the patroness of cats) and St. Martin de Porres who was a noted animal lover will welcome your dear kitty.


RandA, again, I’m sorry, I wish there was something that someone could say that would make this better for you. Having to say goodbye to Reesie has got to be wrenching. You’re still a younger woman, and his life is at an end, it seems so unfair that our pets can’t stay with us all the way until it’s our own time to go.

You might find this comforting:

And keep in mind that great saints and thinkers like St. Francis of Assisi and C.S. Lewis think we will one day be reunited with pets we loved on earth through God’s love and wish to make us happy.


Praying for you and your beloved kitty and true friend Reesie!



Here are a couple of links for you RandA, I hope they are helpful in some way for you as you prepare to say goodbye to Reesie.

Article about cat’s last days and a little miracle of nature:

Experience of a Catholic convert:


Hi everyone - thank you for your prayers and support. Reese passed away about an hour ago. We will bury him in the backyard with his “brother” (our cat Pip who died in 03) and his “sister” (our dog Harriott who died in 05) tomorrow morning. They are all right near the statue of St. Francis :angel1:

He led a good life, and thankfully our prayers were heard, because he went peacefully, without much struggle, and without having to be put down (thank you Lord!).

Rest In Peace, Maurice ("some people called him that :slight_smile: ), aka “Reesie”. We will never forget you.



I will pray for your little kitty.


I’m so sorry to hear about you loss of Reesie.
My prayers are with you. I’m so glad that you
could be there with him.


I am so sorry for your loss and am remembering you today. A blessing that he went peacefully at home with you.


Thank you all. We buried him this morning, along with a piece of catnip from the garden, as well as an aluminum foil ball (both things he LOVED when he was younger… just the sound of crumpling foil would send him into a playing frenzy and he’d bat the thing all over the house!)




I am praying for you and your “kittie”.

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