Prayers for my mother, please: marriage, health, faith

Hello all,

My mother’s wedding was two weeks ago, and I’m having a really difficult time dealing with it, so I am asking for your prayers. My parents divorced a few years ago, and my mother dated several different men. She started dating her husband a year and a half ago and they got engaged the day after I met him. I tried to get to know him during their engagement, but he is very quiet and hardly ever talks when I am around. Now my mom is living with someone who is a stranger to me.

Even though my mom has an annulment from my parents’ marrage, she choose to get married outside the Catholic Church. She has also decided to join her husband’s church and has neglected attending Mass for many months at this point. I have tried to communicate Church teaching to her, but she is currently not open to listening.

Additionally, my mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few months ago. She has had her throid removed and is will begin a radioactive iodine treatment soon.

I have posted parts of this story in different places and am just at a loss as to how to deal with this situation at this point. I am so scared for my mother’s health, so sad that she has decided to leave the Church, so angry that the person she married is a stranger and so hurt that she doesn’t want to listen to anything I have to say. I don’t even want to return her phone calls, especially because I know her husband may answer. I don’t know what I would say to him.

This has been so hard, and I’ve been praying so hard, but it is very difficult to see God’s hand in all of this right now… Please pray for me, my mom and the rest of our family. Thank you.

Praying for you ElizabethAnne, for your mom, her health and that she may return to the faith, and your relationship with both her and her new husband. May the Lord bless you all with healing of these issues and a renewed sense of wisdom and understanding with one another and in your own hearts.


:crossrc: I will pray for all of you!

I sorry to hear all of this. I do feel for your mom’s loss of her Catholic Faith. But, praise God she hasn’t lost her faith entirely. At least its something. There’s still much hope. If nothing else it is strengthening your own faith right now, isn’t it? You are praying more, and turning to God more fervently, right? Out of all bad comes some good. So, again, at least its something. Have prayed and will continue to pray. God bless you and yours! :slight_smile:

: Dear Elizabeth Anne, I feel your pain, but don’t let it get you discouraged. Please trust in God because He wants her back too. Sometimes we don’t understand how things can get like this but we have to be patient and know that God wants this too. So don’t worry too much. You and your mom will be in my prayers

I am praying for your Mom and yourself as well. I am familiar with that fog that often surrounds someone who has recently divorced and re-married. I pray that she will begin to open her ears and heart to Christ and I pray that you will be strong in your faith and love for her whether she changes her current path or not.

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