Prayers for my mother---she had a TIA (mini-stroke)


My mom who is 70 had a TIA (mini stroke) sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. I noticed something was wrong with her Friday night as we went shopping at the mall wit my teenager. My teen called my dad Saturday morning…and I called my older sister who is a medical assistant late Sat night and so we brought her the the ER on Sunday morning. She is still very confused today, but no paralysis… Please pray that she makes a full recovery. My mother is my ROCK!!! I cannot imagine my life without her and I want my almost 2 year old daughter to know her grandmother…


Sending out prayers-


The same here.


I will pray for your mother and your family.


:gopray: prayers for your mom and family.:gopray:


you are in my prayers…


My mother is still confused, and this morning she didn’ t even remember I had a baby almost 2 years ago. I cried this morning. This broke my heart!! My sister and my Dad are headed to a neuorologist right now with her. Thanks for all your prayers…


The neurologists doesn’t think it was a mini stroke (TIA) at all. She only has 1symptom and its her memory loss. The doctor is thinking maybe encephalitis… She is currenlty taking a battery of test at a large more experienced hospital in Baton Rouge (Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center)…


Gosh, I will add my prayers. Please keep us posted, friend!


Been through two of them with my dad (76).

He dodged a bullet with the 1st - no outwardly detectable side-effects, and fully recovered in about 4 weeks.

The 2nd was much rougher. He had nearly full paralysis of the left side. After 6 -8 weeks of re-hab, then/now about 6 months of day to day living, he’s back to about 90% function.

Stroke = brain death. Depend on the extent & location of the damage within the brain, there is usually a very good chance the person with “re-wire” themselves. (Different areas will take up the load, and learn new tasks). There will always be some loss, somewhere.

Now more than ever you’ll need to keep a close eye on your mom. The secret to survival in a stroke is very prompt medical attention. I can’t recall the drug, but there is a medication that when administered within a short time-window (like 90 minutes) that works wonders. This is what was used on my Dad.

(This may not apply to your Mom, but alcohol / alcoholism throws a HUGE wrench into the works. Both times with my Dad this caused difficulties with recovery. Just when he was stable from the stroke injuries, the DT’s & withdrawal from alcohol took hold. This started a whole new battery of medications/sedations… I hope this isn’t your situation).

Knowing more about something usually helps:


The medicine you are referring to is called TPA.

In the event that anyone shows the hallmark signs of TIA or CVA (stroke) they must be evaluated my emergency medical personnel immediately.

To the OP: I will pray for your mother. My mother had a TIA as well a few months ago. She has had full recovery, thank God.


Thanks for your replies. My mother does not drink alcohol but does smoke and they are thinking her mild stroke was caused by high blood pressure which she had been taking medication for. She is getting much better with her memory, but has not fully recovered all her shor term memory. She will be tested for alzhemier’s after her April 25 appt with the neurologists if her memory doesn’t come back. She knows she has memory problems, but is taking it rather well considering.


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