Prayers for my Nanny



Im 20 years old and my 89 year old Nanny has been in hospital for 9 weeks now after collapsing in her home and not being able to move off the floor for 2 days.

We found out this morning that she only has 48 hours to live after a ruptured ulcer. She has been very strong for the last 2 months but now she is ready to go. She has been given her last rights and I just wanted everyone to pray for her as im not sure how to so that she doesnt suffer any more and can be with her husband once again.

Gods blessings.


Prayers being sent up for your precious Nanny and for you.


Praying for your grandmother. Have heart. Take comfort in the Lord.


Praying for you both. God bless.


Praying for you and your Nanny. God bless!


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